(not so) new IP features: IPv6
Last updated - 25-07-2015

IPv6 backbone Welcome to, a playground for IPv6 at SURFnet. Please have a look at the authoritative site for more information about SURFnet.

IPv6 is the successor of the current version of the Internet Protocol, (IPv4). IPv4 is beginning to show problems, like a shortage of addresses. IPv6 fixes many problems and has improvements to IPv4 like network autoconfiguration. Both protocols wil probably coexist for some time. But eventually IPv6 is expected to replace IPv4.

SURFnet introduced IPv6 within its network in January 1997. In the beginning by using IPv6-in-IPv4 tunnels. But at this moment our backbone is completely running dual-stack (IPv4 as well as IPv6) and work is in progress to introduce native IPv6 in more places. SURFnet users are encouraged to obtain a native IPv6 connection to SURFnet.

--- (not so) new IP features: IPv6
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